Research and Development

Research and Development

The core elements of CF Pharma are excellent chemistry skills combined with long-term experience.

For more than 20 years Research and Development of APIs have played a key role in our strategy. In our three different R&D laboratories more than 25 API manufacturing processes have been developed for small and intermediate scale production. We commit substantial resources to sharpen or develop new technologies.

We know how to develop proprietary, non-infringing processes for the production of difficult to make API’s, in order to offer our partners the optimal solution in terms of availability and timing.

In the area of complex, hard to develop generics our highly qualified and trained chemistry and pharmaceutical experts are capable of performing all the necessary development and scale-up and know-how exploitation. Researches aim to elaborate innovative manufacturing technologies for the production of generic APIs as well.

Our R&D teams are working on dozens of projects. If interested, we are ready to share cooperative opportunities with you.

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