Our company is in a very exciting period, as the generation of top management is changing, the governance of the management is changing, the work culture is changing too. As we want to be a true partner of the “best in class”, we have switched our focus to a holistic approach both in business and EHS.

For us, ESG is the right navigation tool for this holistic approach, acting as a link or even as a bridge between the core pillars of our operations. We have understood, that any of our decision has a direct or indirect effect on the society and on the environment. We produce ethical pharmaceutical products for our customers and the patients, but also feel responsibility to preserve the health of our employees and living environment. This road map identifies our main ESG targets and KPIs. The first detailed report on the listed issues or topic will be prepared by Q1 2023, and certified in Q2 2023.

Our ESG roadmap can be downloaded from here:

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