On 2023 December 7th, CF Pharma hosted an event for KÖVET Association, titled “4th ESG Club”. Nearly 30 people took part.

Although the guests came from various sectors of the economy – large pharmaceutical companies, banks, giant utility providers, small businesses – they have one thing in common: they believe in sustainability and would like do something about it.

This was the occasion when Zita Schneider (CEO of Patriapharma Ltd.) presented our company’s first ESG report, which is not only the first in our life, but also among small and medium-sized companies. With this action, we did not only join the ranks of ESG report writers, but rather stood at the front of the line.

We believe that ESG is not just another acronym in the ever-growing dictionary of environmental protection, but a new trend that expresses and shows: sustainability does not only mean environmental protection, not only end-of-pipe cleaning technologies, but the attitude with which we can do both for the physical and social environment, first of all for our own little society, for the big famlity of CF Pharma.

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