Employee reports



“That is why we work so effectively, because we are a big „Pharma Family”.”

Gabriella Gábor-Németh, Head of Quality Assurance

I have started my career at CF Pharma Ltd as an R&D engineer in 2007 after graduating from Budapest University of Technology and Economics as a chemical engineer. After two years, I became a Regulatory Associate. Having spending 8 years on this field (since 2011 as Head of Regulatory Affairs) I acquired a wide range of knowledge regarding the requirements of authorities and also from GMP compliance point of view. I received a great overview of the job performed by each department in the company. This enabled me to receive the Head of Quality Assurance position in 2017. CF Pharma Ltd supported me on this way to achieve higher and higher goals. Being a small generic API „family company” it is necessary for all departments to work together in close cooperation, to be in constant contact and to get to know everyone in the company. For this reason, we appreciate and acknowledge each other and one’s work. That is why we work so effectively, because we are a big „Pharma Family”.

“We have freedom of research, everyone can realize their ideas”

Zsolt Viski, Head of R&D Laboratory II.

We have the opportunity to see the whole process of synthesis and production from 1 g to 100 kg. We have freedom of research; everyone can realize their ideas.

“We work together as a family”

Réka Jancsek – QC analyst

I started to work at CF Pharma as a QC analyst in 2017 after I graduated from university. I like that it is a small company, the tasks are more complex but we work together as a family. As the analytical responsible of two of our APIs, I need to cooperate with all the fields, like the Regulatory, Quality Assurance and Manufacturing. Meanwhile I can have a glimpse of their work too which is really interesting. I am glad I got an opportunity here, because I am part of a great team, my skills have already improved and there is even more I can learn in the future.

“Professional and language trainings guarantee the competitive knowledge…”

Anita Urbanics, API Sales and Supply Management Associate

The most important thing for me related to my work is the chance for the continuous learning in order to develop myself and obtain up-to-date industrial knowledge. As a colleague of CF pharma, I got opportunity to gain experience in several areas, so I managed to get an extensive understanding of the processes. Professional and language trainings guarantee the competitive knowledge, thanks to these I can contribute to the success of the company with a well-trained team. Currently, I am working as an API Sales and Supply Management Associate where there are always new challenges for me.

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