Due to the Covid-pandemic a large volume of Atracurium was needed worldwide. Government agencies and private companies ordered huge amounts from the API. Atracurium is a muscle-relaxant mostly used for respiratory infections during the anesthesia procedure. It was a humanitarian responsibility to produce the necessary amount from this very...

GMP Certificate for CF Pharma Ltd.

Successful renewal of the GMP Certificate for CF Pharma Ltd. Three members from the National Institute of Pharmacy (Hungarian: Országos Gyógyszerészeti Intézet, known as: „OGYI”) audited our companies for GMP compliance on 5 APIs (Atracurium besylate, Cabergoline, Cisatracurium besylate, Biperiden HLC.) Our company successfully received the...

CPHI Worldwide in Frankfurt

Our company was represented on the CPHI Worldwide in Frankfurt. This was the first major pharmaceutical global event after the Covid pandemic, which was held live. It was a great pleasure to meet with new clients and discuss current and future business endeavours.

Hungarian Business Leaders Forum

Company CEO, Zita Schneider became a proud member of the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum (HBLF), and she attended their event as a member of Patriapharma Ltd.

R&D director

Imre Kovács now became the R&D director of our company. He will be leading the R&D-team, where he will oversee new synthesis, new technologies and CDMO production. CF Pharma now possesses 3 laboratories.

Site Accreditation Certificate

CF Pharma has successfully renewed the Site Accreditation Certificate, with this document out company is allowed to sell APIs to Japan territories.

Japanese GMP

The Japanese GMP Compliance Inspection Result Notification is successfully received.

Establishment of Patriapharma Japan

We are proud to announce that our commercial partner Patriapharma established its Japanese subsidiary. Patriapharma Japan Co., Ltd. which was founded on 28/12/2020 and was created with the express purpose of meeting the strict Japanese regulations and providing exceptional customer support to our valued partners in Japan.  The headquarters of...

Electronic waste recycling method

We pays special attention to waste management, whether hazardous waste from production or other waste indirectly related to production. Accordingly, an integral part of our waste management is the selective collection of electronic waste and its transfer to a controlled company for the purpose of raw material extraction and recycling. You can...

We had an AWESOME VACATION this year!

Our company organized summer camps for our employees and their children to alleviate the quarantine situation during the pandemic, which aims to replace the closed daycare during the summer period. We wanted to make our employees’ everyday lives easier and provide their children a safe and pleasant holiday! The first 5-day camp was held at the...

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